New Year in India

I’m still recovering from jet lag so stayed at my homestay last night. We had some Chinese food and watched some television. We saw a programme on air traffic investigations on National Geographic, Premiership Highlights (Blimey, that Spurs  v Reading game was a thriller) and King Kong, which is about four hours long or something…

At midnight I went onto the Balcony and watched the fireworks and lots of crazy people on motorbikes (no hands) shouting “Happy New Year” to passers by and someone hugging a frightened dog who had just sprinted down the road causing all the traffic to swerve.

Yesterday, I had my first Autorickshaw journey – it was pretty scary. They seat about two people and it cost 35 rupees for a couple of kilometres.  You feel so close to the traffic – there were some guys on a motorbike and when they got to close, the passenger tapped on the driver’s shoulders to get him to steer away from us.

The rickshaw drivers decorate their vehicles. Some have images of Hindu gods. One of our drivers was Christian and he had a cross and a rosary dangling from his vehicle. So far, I have been accompanied in a rickshaw. But I am dreading the day I have go solo and  try and negotiate a price myself!


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