Back at work

I got back to work yesterday, refreshed after the long weekend. Some other interns arrived from another agency and Shilpa started work too. I got to do an assignment, going with my colleague Riyas to a performance of folk music in a park.

Today, I went in to work to write up an article for City Express while the other interns went to the beach to report on the ongoing Pongal celebrations. I hope to join them later.

I observed some celebrations on the way to work with dozens of people walking along the road, with some of the men carrying spears in their mouths. I also saw an Ox with balloons and streamers tied to its horns and really wished that I had brought my camera with me.

Two of my articles were published in today’s edition. One was a write up of an interview with a respected British linguist. The other was a lead feature for the education supplement. I am working on another lead for that section right now!


3 responses to “Back at work

  1. i noticed that u started your blog pretty recently. my suggestion is give more detailed information on certain info for ex. some men piercing miniature spears in their mouths rather than some of the men carrying spears in their mouths. since your blog will be reaching people from canada and usa , i just want to make sure they get it from a perspective that they have a want to vist our country.

    thank u

  2. Hi Kaylaan,

    To be honest, I couldn’t see what exactly was happening with the spears (I was in the bus coming passing the crowd and their backs were turned) other then people carrying spears horizontally in their mouths. I don’t think they were piercing their mouths, because children were doing it too. Some people were just carrying them in their hand.

  3. hi rosieniven,
    ya i think its piercing on the mouth which is common in lower income groups. its almost the same like walking on the fire charcoal. a photo would have been a gr8 thin. to show case on. u can call me kal.

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