Ghost town London

Arriving back in London was quite weird. Heathrow was unusually quite when I passed through and Tooting seemed like a ghost town compared to India – no crowds, crazy traffic and hardly any litter. Who’d have thought it!

Luckily, the weather is pretty mild at the moment, much to my relief. I can’t think of anything worse than arriving back to a freezing cold Britain.

On Saturday night, I enjoyed my first glass of red wine in a month and some beef – yum! It’s going to be strange getting used to washing dishes and clothes again after being looked after for a month. 

I won’t miss the crazy commute to work. Those crowded bone-shaker buses make the Northern Line seem like first class travel by Eurostar. I will miss my hosts in Chennai and also the people at NIE – I hope to stay in touch if I can. 


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