Boring update kind of thing…

Not posted for a while… mainly due to a lack of things to post, rather than anything else. I’m hoping to write something on overseas placements at some points but that’s dependent on when an article I have written for another magazine appears.

I’m also hoping to write something on blogging in Chennai, so watch out for that. In the meantime, have a look at my pictures from my stay. You can access it through any of the pictures in the blog posts or via the flickr link on the side bar.


2 responses to “Boring update kind of thing…

  1. Enjoyed the photos. Lots of familiar sights, especially the temples on the Bay of Bengal. And where did you get your salwar kameez? Any chance it was in Kanchipuram? That’s where I got mine, at the shop of silk weavers, after a morning of wandering through astonishing temples.

  2. No – I got mine at a high street store called Hi Style. I’m sure I’d have got a better deal in Kanchipuram, but I’m pretty happy with it.

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