The perils of travel blogging

Some kind soul should have let Max Gogarty know what he was getting himself in for when he started a travel blog on the Guardian’s Comment is Free blog section.

Sadly, the 19-year-old blogger’s account of hitting the road in his skinny jeans did not impress the notorious tribes of the blogosphere. And 475 comments later, he has apparently decided to give the blogging a rest.

I hope at some point, young Mr Gogarty will relent and give blogging another go. If he does, he might be wise to try blogging away from the lions’ pit that is Comment is Free – at least until he’s developed “his voice” a little more. I’m sure any blog he does attempt will generate lots of hits now! I for one think travel blogs are a much a more useful resource for planning travels than glossy travel supplements because anyone’s experiences can be valuable to someone else. That was one of my motivations in starting this blog. Though, I will admit that it’s not as well written as I would like it to be!Before I left for India, I looked at many different blogs to find out about living there. I found that there are many decent bloggers in Chennai, many with insights that you find amazingly accurate if you’ve lived there for any length of time.

One of the first things you notice about Chennai is how chaotic the roads are. I found several blogs bemoaning the state of the roads in Chennai. One blogger noted how some locals are turning to YouTube to highlight the state of their roads.

A common sight on the streets of Chennai is motorbikes with three, four or even five passengers (for example two adults and three children). One blogger laments this trend and how it is putting children at risk. Riding an auto in Chennai is less risky, but only just. In fact this guy’s given up autos and bought a bike!

A local radio presenter’s blog highlighted some of the old fashioned attitudes of men towards women that prevail in Indian society. Thankfully attitudes are changing, but unmarried couples who want some time together will still get grief from busy bodies with nothing better to do. Blogger Krish Ashok helpfully provides some tips on places where those with romantic intentions can get some peace.

There are also posts on topical issues, including the launch of Tata’s nano car and the latest woes of tennis player Sania Mirza, that are worth reading.


One response to “The perils of travel blogging

  1. Hi Rosie,
    Thanks for the link to my blog…. It was nice reading to your blog.. Hope you get to visit another time and get to see the places that you were not able to cover this time around..

    – Robin

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