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The Big Red One

This week, I stumbled across an old post on Press Gazette’s Axegrinder blog about a young chap doing a work placement on a Sri Lanka newspaper during his gap year.

I found some of Andrew Liddle’s observations to be quite pertinent to some of my own experiences of India, though I think I was luckier when it came to my homestay. (Incidentally, I considered Sri Lanka as a possible destination – but after reading that post, I am glad I didn’t!).

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The good, the bad and the ugly

Flower lady

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I’ve been back for a week and during that time I’ve been reflecting on my experiences in India. Here are some of the best things about India:

1. Friendly people: People are genuinely curious and interested in hearing about your life, so it’s easy to find someone to talk to. Unlike some nationalities, they are happy to talk about sensitive things like religion and politics, which suits me fine! It’s led to some really enlightening conversations.
2. The colour: Someone told me before I went out there that India is a really colourful place. They were spot on. It’s like a walking, talking, singing, dancing rainbow. Instead of seeing billboard ads, you have advertisements painted onto walls in primary colours. Ladies’ saris cover the whole spectrum, though I doubt a white sari would survive the dust for long! Continue reading