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Work placements overseas

Last week, my Press Gazette article on journalism work placements overseas was published.

It made it into print pretty much how I filed it, but unfortunately, the links I’d included did not appear on the online version. So I’ve put them in this post.

You can find out about the placement I did in India here. There are work experience opportunities in Ghana, China, and New Zealand through other volunteering agencies. Continue reading


Crossword Conundrum

One of the things you notice about newspapers in India is the amount of news they syndicate from the UK and US.

On the New India Express, they would syndicate articles from the Daily Telegraph. A lot of the front page leads for Education Express were originally published in the Daily Telegraph – in fact, I must have saved them loads in syndication fees when I wrote for Education Express during my internship!

The Hindu’s favourite UK title is The Guardian, from which they source a lot of their comment and features. This is fine when it’s for your international news section. However, blogger Krish Ashok, is less happy with the fact that The Hindu also buys crossword puzzles from the Guardian.

In a post on his blog, he outlines his vision for a more Chennai-centric crossword.