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Work placements overseas

Last week, my Press Gazette article on journalism work placements overseas was published.

It made it into print pretty much how I filed it, but unfortunately, the links I’d included did not appear on the online version. So I’ve put them in this post.

You can find out about the placement I did in India here. There are work experience opportunities in Ghana, China, and New Zealand through other volunteering agencies. Continue reading


The Big Red One

This week, I stumbled across an old post on Press Gazette’s Axegrinder blog about a young chap doing a work placement on a Sri Lanka newspaper during his gap year.

I found some of Andrew Liddle’s observations to be quite pertinent to some of my own experiences of India, though I think I was luckier when it came to my homestay. (Incidentally, I considered Sri Lanka as a possible destination – but after reading that post, I am glad I didn’t!).

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