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The perils of travel blogging

Some kind soul should have let Max Gogarty know what he was getting himself in for when he started a travel blog on the Guardian’s Comment is Free blog section.

Sadly, the 19-year-old blogger’s account of hitting the road in his skinny jeans did not impress the notorious tribes of the blogosphere. And 475 comments later, he has apparently decided to give the blogging a rest.

I hope at some point, young Mr Gogarty will relent and give blogging another go. If he does, he might be wise to try blogging away from the lions’ pit that is Comment is Free – at least until he’s developed “his voice” a little more. I’m sure any blog he does attempt will generate lots of hits now! I for one think travel blogs are a much a more useful resource for planning travels than glossy travel supplements because anyone’s experiences can be valuable to someone else. That was one of my motivations in starting this blog. Though, I will admit that it’s not as well written as I would like it to be! Continue reading


Ghost town London

Arriving back in London was quite weird. Heathrow was unusually quite when I passed through and Tooting seemed like a ghost town compared to India – no crowds, crazy traffic and hardly any litter. Who’d have thought it!

Luckily, the weather is pretty mild at the moment, much to my relief. I can’t think of anything worse than arriving back to a freezing cold Britain.

On Saturday night, I enjoyed my first glass of red wine in a month and some beef – yum! It’s going to be strange getting used to washing dishes and clothes again after being looked after for a month. 

I won’t miss the crazy commute to work. Those crowded bone-shaker buses make the Northern Line seem like first class travel by Eurostar. I will miss my hosts in Chennai and also the people at NIE – I hope to stay in touch if I can. 

A seaside break

Auto dans la rue
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On Monday I travelled to Pondicherry for the Pongal (India’s harvest festival) holiday. I set off very early in the morning and Chennai was covered in a thick smog.

The reason for the poor visibility was that Monday was Bhogi, the day that families burn all their rubbish ahead of Pongal. It is a tradition that has gone on for many years, but now the authorities are restricting the kind of rubbish that can be burned for environmental reasons.

I got the 7.30 bus to Pondicherry from the main bus station in Chennai. The smog stayed with us most of the way, but it largely disappeared when we reached our destination. The journey was OK, apart from when a fat woman holding her grandchild sat down next to me so I was very squashed for the rest of the journey.

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